The Woodside Consultancy undertakes all manner of principally domestic work, ranging in value from a few hundred pounds to projects in excess of a million pounds. We have established a wide range of trade suppliers to source materials and have negotiated discounts that ensure we are extremely competitive in our pricing to clients.


Many projects are procured on a budget figure based on the information available, then managed for a fixed fee on an 'open book' basis. This arrangement allows projects to commence earlier than otherwise would be expected, quite often simply on a Building Notice rather than full plans.

The earlier start on site is a significant benefit to our clients but the 'open book' arrangement also gives the client total flexibility to vary the works, knowing that all they will pay is what it actually costs at trade prices, together with the fee for managing the project. This can represent exceptional savings up to 20% compared to other methods of procurement.


We are totally responsible for getting the project completed to all necessary standards and will liaise with all professional parties & bodies involved during the works. There are no middleman or sub-contractor issues for clients to contend with as we take responsibility for the complete project.